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It’s Been a Crazy Week

Sometimes taking care of patients takes priority over my own self-care. I find myself up reading lab results at 11 p.m., and then waking at 5 a.m. to scroll through medical records for the day. Patient care doesn't stop when I leave my practice at night; it follows me...

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Helpful Websites

Alpha Gal allergy can be an extra challenge, because unlike other illnesses that require a lifestyle change in order to get healthy, this syndrome forces the sufferer to go through immediate changes to their diet, instead of a gradual one. On top of that, eating...

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From the moment of your Alpha-Gal diagnosis going forward, you became your family and friends' best advocate. Your own Alpha-Gal numbers can change for the worse if you don't take personal precautions. Here is what the Mayo Clinic has to say about prevention: Cover...

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Quick Dinner Idea

When I'm in a hurry but I want something homemade, this is my go-to dish. You can add chicken or salmon if you like, or even olives and capers. Make it your own. Enjoy! Easy Lemon Pasta Cook angel hair pasta as directed, drain. Add back to pan. Add fresh lemon juice,...

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The Basics of Alpha Gal: Foods to Avoid

Knowing what to avoid after an alpha gal diagnosis is key to living you best life. Here is a basic list of foods to avoid: Beef Beef stock or broth (caution with chicken broth; ("natural flavoring" can be mammal sourced) Bison Buffalo Brown gravy (made with beef...

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I’m Back!

Wow, six years since my last posting. I have to apologize. Life has happened since then!As you may know, I'm a physician living in Northwest Arkansas, and although my deep passion is researching and learning more about alpha-gal syndrome, I treat many people on a...

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The Alpha-gal

Are you allergic to beef and pork?  You may be allergic to gelatin too. It was just a cheese burger, but Mary awoke 4 hours later, with severe itching.  She went to the bathroom, and took a shower, but within minutes she was dizzy, and threw up.  She ended up on the...

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We are blessed to have a allergy clinic like this one here! Tina Merrit has always been great. In the last year or two I’ve seen Heather Sam’s more. She is awesome! As I have gotten older my exposure to many doctors has been enlightened. Everyone that I have met in this office genuinely cares! My quality of life is by far better because of this team! I highly recommend them!