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Our goal is to sustain and improve your health with the best staff services and the most advanced medical technology. Our practice values your trust in our healthcare services.
Tina Merritt, MD
Heather Sams, PA-C
At Allergy & Asthma Clinic of Northwest Arkansas, we are dedicated to providing the best quality, budget-friendly medical care to adults and children who have asthma, allergies, and immune disorders. Our goal is to sustain and improve your health with the best staff services and the most advanced medical technology to provide asthma treatment and allergy relief. Whether your symptoms are caused by food allergies, seasonal allergies, inhaled allergens (pet dander, dust, mold, or pollen), we’re here to help you breathe better.
Our physicians’ commitment to patient care and personalized treatment plans ensure that each patient’s needs receive our focused attention and an individualized care plan.
allergy asthma center
We are proud to offer full service, highly-specialized evaluations and treatments such as allergy skin testing, allergy shots, inhibitors, antihistamines, decongestants, and steroid nasal sprays.
allergy asthma specialists
Anyone with allergies and asthma should be able to feel good, be active all day and sleep well at night. You don’t need to accept less. Learn more about how treatments work and what to expect.

Take control of your health. What’s the pollen count today in NWA? Visit the Pollen Count from Rogers, Arkansas. Pollen and spore data are collected over a 24-hour period and updated daily.

Learn more about allergic rhinitis, an allergy that affects more than 20% of the population.

The Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis Network is a great resource for people with food allergies.

“Dr. Merritt has a wonderful supporting staff and they make a great team when you need someone to jump through the hurdles of our health care system. She is determined to get you the help you need and not leave you wondering what will happen next. She has ALWAYS been available anytime I need her…including the wee hours of the morning.” Patricia Parker

“They were great with my son Phoenix! He is only 2 and we felt very welcomed and informed.” Ashley Slocum

Improve your Health & Quality of Life.